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Anupama Chopra: Tracing the path that made them stars!

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Mumbai, Sept. 11 -- Her popular talk show with some of Bollywood's biggest stars alongside her weekly film reviews have already won her the trust of film buffs.

The latest thing that HT's film critic Anupama Chopra is dabbling in is a 'Masterclass'. As part of this innovative concept on her YouTube channel, Film Companion, Chopra traces the journey of a star's life.

In her own words, it's "an attempt to create a portrait of a creative person, to delve into his or her life and see what actually shapes an actor". Elaborating on the show that kicked off last month over an engaging session with actor Kangana Ranaut, Chopra says, "From the outside, an actor's life may seem all glamorous, but there may be a lot of struggle behind becoming a star ... I try to explore the process of becoming an actor. The aim is to show how they create what they create."

Chopra reminisces how Kangana recollected those pivotal moments and turning points of her life on the show. "We even had the film-makers who've worked with her and also showed scenes from her films, while she spoke about her experience of shooting that particular scene. And there's also a live audience, many of whom are students from acting schools. So, there are no irrelevant questions," says Chopra, who recently hosted Hrithik Roshan in her Masterclass.

"Hrithik, in fact, liked the idea so much that he himself called me up saying, 'Let's do it'. He is this wonderful combination of real stardom with acting skills," recalls Chopra, who has names like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan on her wish list for the show. "Their careers have shaped entire generations, it would be insightful to trace their journeys," she says. Well, looks like there's certainly more exciting stuff in her kitty, so watch out for this space for more from the show.