Hiten: Working in movies and for television is equally fun!

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Mumbai, Nov. 8 -- He's a popular face on television, but Hiten Tejwani has also worked in seven films. As he prepares for his eighth movie, Saansein, to hit theatres, the actor admits that working in movies and for television is equally fun. He reiterates that being dependable and passionate has worked for him in his 16-year acting career.

Many horror movies, including Raaz (2002), are actually erotic horror thrillers. What do you think of them?

Our movie is a clean one. As for other erotic thrillers, I have been told that the audience enjoys watching that genre. However, I wouldn't be comfortable doing erotic scenes on the big screen.

Tell us about your role in your new movie?

It is a horror movie and I play a ghost hunter. He's not a tantric; he's a professor who can see spirits and communicates with them. The film is based on a real incident. I had earlier worked in a horror film called Krishna Cottage (2004) and had enjoyed the genre.

Your TV career is going strong. So, what's your agenda for acting in movies simultaneously?

I am not aiming to sign films every day. I am not necessarily looking to do projects that revolve around my character [in the movie]. If that happens, great. Otherwise, I am looking to do good roles. I definitely want to work in movies in which my character is an important one. Any actor on TV eventually wants to do movies. The trick is to wait for a good role. I don't accept every role that comes my way, no matter how tempting the money or perks are. My career on TV is going well, and while I used to do multiple shows, I have grown choosy now. I am balancing films and TV and taking up roles I haven't tried before to make things exciting.

Don't you feel the need to take a break once in a while?

There will be time for a break, and then I will sit and chill. I am very passionate about my work and that's why I enjoy doing it. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I am still in the industry. When your passion dries up, people notice. They want to work with me because they know I want to work and will give my 100%. My success mantra is that I am passionate, committed and punctual, unlike many actors, who, after a while, waste the producers' time.