Hema Malini to turn singer with bhajan album

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New Delhi, Jan. 24 -- Actor turned politician and now member of Parliament, Hema Malini, says that she is so busy with her work as an MP that she has no time for films.

"I am very busy with my constituency's work. What happens is when you take up such a job, the artist within you gets lost. But it is very important to keep in touch with what we do in the field of art," she says.

The veteran actor, who is also a celebrated classical dancer, is all set to venture into the world of music. Malini will soon release a bhajan album consisting of songs composed by great masters from the Hindustani classical music arena.

Talking about it, she says, "It is new to me. It feels nice to sing, as it relaxes you so much. I feel that at any given time of your life, one can learn a new thing. I am learning music because I wanted the album to turn out well."

"In this album, songs have been composed by Pt. Jasraj, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Shiv Kumar, Rajan and Saajan Mishra," shares the actor, adding, "I cannot sing that well. That's why I told them to give me simple compositions that I can easily sing."

Apart from recently being chosen as the brand ambassador for the state of Haryana, Malini is also endorsing many other brands. Ask her if she is choosy about endorsements, and she says, "Yes, I can't take up anything and everything. But it feels good that even at this age, people approach me with brand endorsements for so many different types of products."