Shabnam Singh: No, Hazel is not pregnant..

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Mumbai, Sept. 14 -- Oh God, no, please! Abhi nahi!" is how cricketer Yuvraj Singh's mother Shabnam Singh reacted to speculation about daughterin-law, actor Hazel Keech, being pregnant. 
The rumour kicked off on Instagram after a photographer posted a picture of Hazel at the Mumbai airport, and wrote, "Pregnant Hazel Keech snapped." He later deleted the word "pregnant" from his post.
In an exclusive chat, Shabnam rubbished the speculation and said there's still time before Yuvraj and Hazel plan a family. 
"Hazel is not pregnant. It's wrong for somebody to say this... Abhi toh sirf dus maheene huye hain shaadi ko (It has just been 10 months since their wedding). It's funny how people want to be on super express mode. Let them enjoy their married life. Bachche toh saari umar paalne hain," she said.
Shabnam argues that being a celebrity doesn't mean that one's privacy can be compromised. "It will be a very happy moment for us when it does happen, but spreading rumours like these is not fair," she says.
This isn't the first time that Hazel's pregnancy rumours have sent gossipmongers in a tizzy. In April, in an interview that Hazel gave to an entertainment portal, her answer to a question about motherhood was "blown out of proportion", and reports suggesting that she was expecting a child did the rounds.
The couple got married in November 2016, and ever since, there has been buzz about their personal life.