People used to call me mad & crazy on the sets: Gurmeet

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After leaving a mark with a performance in his debut film Khamoshiyan (2015), actor Gurmeet Choudhary will now play a lawyer in his next release Wajah Tum Ho and says, it was quite a challenge to understand and take up such a role.

“I’m just one film old in the industry and getting to play the character of a lawyer in my second film itself was quite difficult. When you are playing a lawyer, you have to do full homework. Of course you have your directors, dialogues, scenes for support, but until you enter the skin of the character, you can’t connect with audiences, no matter how good is your performance,” says the actor.

Gurmeet went all out preparing for his role and he read a look of books and watched several Hollywood films such as A time to Kill, The Devil’s Advocate, Few Good Men, The Rainmaker. “I saw these films over and over again so I could understand what more I can put in my role and make it look better that the best,” he shares.
Actor Gurmeet Choudhary says portraying the role of a lawyer was quite a difficult task.

Admitting that he takes his work very seriously, the 32-year-old adds he would even wear actual costumes while rehearsing for his scenes on the sets. “That’s something we actors don’t usually do. There’s a huge difference when you practice your scenes wearing real costumes. People on the sets used to call me mad and crazy but I remained focused. There’ll be shooting happening in one corner and I’d be rehearsing on the other end,” says the actor who would go to the Andheri court and attend court room hearings to understand his character in depth.

Gurmeet draws comparisons between old films and the new ones and says that contemporary cinema has evolved. “I believe today, we have to show more realistic cinema and natural acting and it cannot go over the top. For instance, lawyers can be emotionless while fighting a case in the courtroom, but when you are acting on screen; you have to have some emotions to enable audience to connect with you,” he said.