Good films deserve exposure: Guneet Monga

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Mumbai, Sept. 26 -- Over the years, Guneet Monga has produced several critically acclaimed films, like the Gangs Of Wasseypur series, The Lunchbox (2013) and Masaan.

Moreover, she has also showcased these movies at renowned international film festivals. Her recent Tamil film - Dhanush was the co-producer - also got rave reviews at the 72nd Venice Film Festival, which was held earlier this month.

"Owing to her influence in the international film festival circuit, Guneet played a pivotal role in placing this film on the global map. It bagged the Cinema For Human Rights award there," says a source close to the producer.

The source adds that, encouraged by Tamil film's reception at the festival, Guneet now wants to extend her support to other regional films as well.

When contacted, Guneet confirms the development, saying, "I like the progress that Indian cinema is making. I feel that good films, no matter what their genres are, or the regions [they come from], should get a fair chance at getting the right exposure. The international market is massive, and these movies should have a channel to reach audiences at large."