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Gulzar: Mutual respect is the answer

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New Delhi, June 28 -- His euphonious poetry barely needs an introduction. And if the same becomes the binding fabric of his equally engaging stories in a narrative form, the performance is sure to be a visual treat.

Fever Entertainment and Hindustan Times bring legendary Gulzar to the city today, as his writings take shape of the play titled Lakeerein-Vignettes of Indo-Pak relations across the border. "I have seen the horrors of the partition and have been writing about it. It has been 60 years since the divide took place, and it has come a full circle now with refugees from India (who went to Pakistan) having become the President of the country; I'm referring to Pervez Musharraf," he says.

Gulzar saab - as he is lovingly called by both the young and old - gets poetic even while speaking to HT City and adds, "When the sun rises, it casts shadows on both sides of the border and life keeps going on. Although we can't deny history and the fact that India and Pakistan are two independent countries now, what I want is for both the countries to maintain mutual respect for each other."

While the prose and verses penned by him create nostalgia for those who have seen the troubled times of the partition, Salim Arif 's direction recreates the same for the younger generation. "I learnt the process of blending poetry with stories when I did the previous play, Kharaashein, also directed by Salim. So, writing poems for the play Lakeerein wasn't difficult for me. These interwoven with the stories create an absolutely new form in theatre," explains Gulzar.

Although the subject of the play and the plot of the three short stories - L.O.C., Peer Sahab and Over is quite somber, there is a presence of the writer's peculiar humour in them. "Humour is like ventilation in the house. Ghar me ventilation na ho to BP bad jayega," he jokes.