Gul Panag: Eating right should be your main mantra

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New Delhi, Nov. 22 -- In today's fast-pace world, where fast food is just a call and click away, actor producer-fitness enthusiast and an aviator, Gul Panag feels that the key to staying healthy is by adopting a combination of appropriate diet and a proper fitness regimen. 
She says, "Eating right is not just about being slim but about longevity. It is about making sure the diseases are at a distance."
The actor doesn't believe in dieting as she feels it a terrible word to associate with food. "But that does not mean I feed my body trash," she clarifies. "We must understand what is food and what is not. The idea is to be aware and watch out for the food that you put into your mouth," she further adds.
The fitness fanatic has a pertinent question for young parents. "We tell our children-if you do this, we'll give you a chocolate-why reward kids with such unhealthy options?" she asks, adding that food rewards should always be packed with health. 
In fact, she is against the idea of even youngsters binging on unhealthy food. "I respect my body and don't binge at all. People need to understand that our body is like a car's engine. Just how it needs fuel to function, we need nourishing and wholesome food instead of food that's not suitable for our well-being," she says.
She further adds,"I don't spend my free time thinking about food. With food you must and always know what's going inside your body. Don't ignore what you eat."