No hand in daughter's career: Govinda

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Mumbai, July 1 -- Even as Govinda gets set to return to Bollywood with multiple films, his daughter Narmada is making a much-delayed debut. The senior actor tells us about his children, and talks politics (he was elected as the MP from the Mumbai North constituency in 2004).    

Tell us about Narmada's debut.    Woh khud ke bal pe kaam kar rahi hai (She is working on her own). She has refused a number of films in the past, which was her personal choice. In our time, we didn't have that many choices, but I'm happy, because she should do good cinema. I never said that I wanted to launch her, and I didn't speak to anyone regarding that either.    

Is your son, Yashwardhan, also interested in acting?    He's still studying, but I'm happy that he has a great personality as well as the intelligence to think for himself.    

What do you think of the current crop of actors?    They believe in working hard, and they have great personalities. In our time, if we came across people with impressive physiques, we'd say 'yeh toh gym professional hai' (he's a gym professional).    

Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor all say they are your fans.    It feels great. I must have done some good deeds, the fruits of which I'm reaping today. On my part, I've always worked honestly and with all my heart.    

Several film stars have entered politics now. Do you have plans to return to it?    No, I've come out of it completely, but I don't have any complaints or hatred towards anyone. It's a school in itself, but I couldn't understand the subject. And when things became clear to me, usme apni chi cha ledar nahi karvani thi (I didn't want to damage my dignity and reputation). I must clarify that politics isn't a bad thing. It just didn't suit me.    

You've become active in the film world again, by acting and even reviving your banner.    Be it playing the villain or father, these roles don't take much time (to shoot), so it has become important that I do more work. I'm happy about the new film we've made as it has earned praise.