Kapil Sharma has very good comedy timing, says actor Govinda

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Actor Govinda answers our rapid fire questions.

If you weren’t an actor, you would have been...
Nothing. I can’t even imagine not being one.

Which dance form has been your favourite?
Bhangra. I really enjoy it.

Why did you agree to judge a dance show?
My mother plays an important part in my life, so I thought judging a show with moms would be good.

Apart from you, another Bollywood comedian you admire?
Well, apart from me, it’s Govinda and Chi Chi. They both do comedy well.

Your dream cast for a comic film would include...
Anyone and everyone who doesn’t say they’ve grown up watching my films.

What is the best thing about Bollywood?
The surprise factor: films you can bet on don’t end up doing well and the ones you think won’t work, usually do.

Are you a doting father or a strict one?
I’m not a strict father at all. I just tell my kids to enjoy whatever they do and stay away from wrong things.

A piece of advice you would want to give all newcomers.
The young stars of today are well-versed in everything. They can give advice to people like me, instead.

The theme song of your life is...
Darr lage toh gaana ga from Yaar Mera (1972)

Your favourite holiday destination.
Goa. I enjoy going there again and again.

Three must-haves in your wardrobe.
(Laughs) I think I have scared enough people with my clothes. People have not been able to scare audiences with their clothes off, as much as I have with my clothes on.

Your fitness funda.
I do yoga.

A stand-up comedian you enjoy watching.
Kapil Sharma has very good comic timing.

What makes your day?

What ruins it?
Nothing, I guess.

Method acting or spontaneity: which do you prefer?
I have always believed in spontaneity. I would reach the sets and just improvise.

Your strategy in a crisis?
Pushing through and working hard. Crises are meant to test you.

Would you ever write a book about your life?
I will definitely write one when I’m 80 or 86 years old. And I will talk about being a mama’s boy then!