First look makes or breaks film: Gippy Grewal

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New Delhi, Aug. 20 -- Filmmakers work hard on presenting the first look of their movies and actor Gippy Grewal feels that it is an important part of filmmaking because it decides the film's fate.

"People make their decisions based on promos and that is why even social media is used as a platform to reveal first looks and trailers - they have bigger reach. I think if you make something nice, it will create curiosity and people will definitely go and watch your film at least once. A lot depends on the movie's first look," says Gippy, who recently made his Bollywood debut in the movie, Second Hand Husband.

The 33-year-old actor, who is already an established actor in the Punjab film industry, says that it's not difficult to make an attractive trailer.

"As an artist, we do everything we can to sell our movie in the best way. In any decent film, you expect the filmmaker to make at least a good threeminute trailer. It's not a tough task if you have conviction in your work. It's just that a trailer should not misguide the audience just to get their attention," he says.