Gautam Gulati: I wanted to debut in films with a lead role

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New Delhi, May 15 -- While you may have heard stories about how much stars have to struggle before making it big, here's an actor who thinks he got work quite easily and feels quite content with the way his career shaped up.

Actor Gautam Gulati, who has been a part of the television industry for seven years, says, "I never felt that I had to struggle because work came to me and I was never jobless. Though fame came to me after Bigg Boss, I was always pretty much happy about everything that I was doing even before that," he says.

For his Bollywood debut, Gautam always wanted a lead role, but his debut happened as a supporting actor in the recently released Azhar, but he feels privileged to be a part of this project. "I always wanted a lead role for my Bollywood debut but if it doesn't happen you just can't sit and keep waiting. If I do good work, good roles will come to me and I am really hoping that after Azhar, I will certainly make it happen," he says.