Gauahar's sweet gesture for her mother!

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Mumbai, March 14 -- Gauahar Khan has often made news for her impeccable fashion sense, panache and elegance. The fashionista is currently on track to open her own fashion line, and to make its launch an extra memorable one, she plans to do it on her mother's birthday tomorrow (March 15).


Gauahar says that there can't be a more "auspicious day" than her mother's birthday for launching her new venture. The Begum Jaan (2017) actor says, "My mum's birthday is always a big day for me. I was the youngest in our family, and she made sure that my birthdays were extremely special even when we probably couldn't afford to have a party. I never had a birthday when I didn't get new clothes or I didn't hand out chocolates at school. That's why, growing up, I knew that I would make my mum's birthday super special for the way she blessed me. By launching my fashion line on her birthday this year, it will become extra special."


Talking about her mother's sense of fashion and style, Gauahar says, "My mother has been my ultimate fashion idol. As a kid, I used to admire the way she dressed us up even though we lived humbly. She would make sure that she didn't let her kids step out of the house without socks and shoes and neatly combed hair. My sense of style is derived from the way she carried herself and how she ensured we were always well-turned-out. Her saris were always appreciated by people. I used to take pride in the way my mom carried herself in any outfit - be it nightwear or a sari - and that absolutely amazes me even today."