Kashmir's an inspiration for Farhan!

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New Delhi, March 31 -- Actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar is known to wear many hats, and one of them is that of a writer's.

While he often scripts everything - right from the he screenplay to the dialoguess and songs of his films, of late, the 41-year-old has been busy wrapping up his upcoming film, a part of which was recently shot in Kashmir. However, amid his hectic schedule, it was the beauty of the place that made Farhan turn to his pen.

A source from the sets tells us, "Whenever Farhan got a chance, he stayed by himself and immersed himself in writing verses. The Kashmir schedule was brief but Farhan managed to pen down quite a few poems during his stay there."

The source adds, "Farhan was amazed with the scenic beauty and the simplicity of the people in Kashmir. He felt a very different, a very positive vibe in the region. He was so mesmerised with the stillness, the serenity and calmness of the place that he wanted to put it down in words."