Fardeen Khan to make a comeback!

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By Bollywood.com News Network

The handsome actor Fardeen Khan had totally taken a long sabbatical from movies for the last five years.

His last film was Dulha Mil Gaya in 2010. Where was Fardeen Khan all these years? Well, Fardeen was very much into spending his time on settling down with his beautiful wife Natasha and starting a family.
The couple had a rough time dealing with a traumatic miscarriage and after that, they have now become proud papa and momma to Diani Isabella Khan in the year 2013.

He had also spent his time in traveling and living life just the way he wanted. Now that he has things pretty much back at place in his personal life, Fardeen wants to come back to work.

Last few years he has been traveling to London to spend time with his wife and daughter. Now that said, Fardeen wishes to return to films once again and wishes to have his own production banner. He has already busy reading scripts and at the same time, he has shown eagerness to act in different films too.

Only that, he is eager to take up films that are a little different from the casual rom-com movies that he has done till date. As per sources, he is eager to play around with roles, and experiment and maybe even venture into art-house genres of movies too. So, here’s to new beginnings once again, Fardeen and we wish you to star in Hindi films soon, yes, the sensible ones at that too!