Farah Khan adopts two puppies and gives them the cutest names!

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

We’re serious! Farah Khan has two new babies in her house – Gulab and Jamun! Awww… Aren’t these the cutest names ever???

Farah adopted the pups from the renowned NGO World For All. They have an adorably, fluffy brown and black coat and little marshmallow eyes! Farah and her daughter immediately fell in love with the duo and even did an impromptu photoshoot with the two little munchkins…

In fact, the mother-daughter have been wanting to adopt puppies since last year!  

Says Farah: “They’re a brother-sister pair, I couldn’t think of separating them. They arrived when Avinash Gowariker (the photographer) and his wife had come over for lunch so we did an impromptu photo session. They’re brown and black and we wanted Indian names.”

Check the cuties out.