Evelyn sparks her own dating rumours!

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New Delhi, Jan. 10 -- Most Bollywood actors avoid being seen with people of the opposite sex to avoid any link-up rumours.

However, actor Evelyn Sharma has put up an interesting picture on her social media page, that has sent rumour mills on an overdrive. The picture, informs a source, is from one of her trips to Dubai. And while many are wondering who the guy is, our source says, "The guy in the picture is Navdeep Chhabra, a Delhi-boy, who is making his acting debut in a Bollywood film alongside Evelyn."

Interestingly, when we asked if there is more to the chemistry than just the picture, we got a hint that there could be something cooking between the two. "Evelyn is gushing and is indeed happy. But she likes the whole excitement to keep this guy a mystery for now. The two were in Dubai recently hanging around together," says the source.