Esha Gupta: No - A matter of choice!

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Mumbai, Oct. 4 -- Esha Gupta believes in keeping it simple and natural when it comes to her health. The actress recently turned down an offer to endorse weight loss pills stating she cannot endorse something she doesn't believe in.
A source says, "Esha has absolutely no regrets about rejecting the endorsement deal in spite of being offered a whopping amount. Esha doesn't believe in weight loss but a healthy and fit lifestyle, something that is of utmost importance to her. In fact, she cannot do without her daily dose of exercise."
Talking about the same, Esha says, "I practice yoga rigorously and I start my workout with yoga, especially surya namaskar that preps your body for the cardio session to follow. I also do MMA (mixed martial arts) every day for 30 minutes which is a fast-paced, intense workout that includes a wide variety of exercises. This concentrated shot of exercise burns fat faster, improves joint mobility and increases endurance and stamina."
The actor also adds that one has to put in efforts and sweat it out for a couple of hours each week as there are "no shortcuts to a healthy life". 
"As a public figure, one has to be more responsible when promoting products, as there are several people who look up to you and admire you. So the right message needs to go out", the Baadshaho actor says.