The word 'friend' is extremely misused: Emraan

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New Delhi, March 28 -- Actor Emraan Hashmi, who spent a quiet birthday with his childhood buddies and close family earlier this week, says that there's no one in the film industry who he can actually call friends.

"I have close people whom I hold very dear to me, they are my family and friends... I don't have to make friends in the film industry. The word friend is extremely misused these days," says the 36-year-old. He adds that while there are people in the industry he is close to, they are probably not close enough to qualify as 'friends'.

"Obviously I am close to people in the film industry but I wouldn't say that I could really pick up the phone at 2 or 4 in the morning and call in for help so I wouldn't call them friends. Like I said, the word friend is extremely misused these days," says Hashmi, who happens to be the nephew of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt.

"I have grown up in a film family where I have had close people. I am not talking about them here, obviously they are all close family members. Incidentally they are also a part of the film industry," says Emraan, who, however, admits that it's not because of professional rivalry that he stays away from befriending people from the film frat.

"What happens is, after a film you move on, and go on to the next project. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to kind of keep that relationship going... that relationship needs to be nurtured. Probably, somehow I have not been able to do that," says the actor.