Maintain a healthy run rate of kisses: Emraan tells Alia!

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Roughly 10 years ago, Emraan Hashmi became the first actor in Bollywood to be called a ‘serial kisser’. He was known for his bold scenes in films like Murder (2004), Zeher (2005) and Aashiq Banaya Aapne (2005).

However, now, his younger cousin, Alia Bhatt, seems to have earned that title too. Apart from her most recent release, Alia has also kissed her co-stars in Student Of The Year (SOTY; 2012) and Two States.

Here, Emraan talks to us about his cousin breaking his record and why he has an advantage in this case.

How soon do you see Alia breaking your record of kissing co-stars in films?
(Smiles) It’ll take some time. It’s been 10 years for me, and I’ve done four films a year; that’s a huge average, and a humongous run rate. She’ll have to play four matches every year, maintain a healthy run rate and work with directors who will force-feed kisses into her films. Also, most actors are not as liberal or just don’t want to indulge in [kissing in] every movie. For me, my films just couldn’t do without them (kissing scenes).

Have you watched any of Alia’s films?
She keeps telling me to, but I rarely watch Hindi movies. I saw SOTY and I liked it; she was pretty good. I’ll see the others, like Highway, soon.

Any plans of working with her in the future?
I would love to, but we would have to play brother-sister, else it would be very twisted (laughs).