Juggled writing book and shooting with ease: Emraan

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New Delhi, April 27 -- Actor Emraan Hashmi, who has penned a book, titled The Kiss of Life: How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer, documenting his son Ayaan's struggle with cancer, says that working on the book simultaneously with his films wasn't tough.

"It wasn't tough to balance the two because I was clear about what I wanted to write in the book. It was essential to write about how I was during my college years, my struggle as an actor and how my family supported me," says Emraan, who was also shooting for his film Azhar, while writing the book.

"I haven't shared all this before. I am a private person and there are heartfelt portions of my life in this book," he adds. Ayaan, who is six years now, is thrilled with the book. "He has started reading at school now. It will take him some time to experience this book. But he shot for the cover with me so he understood what the book was about. I told him that it's his story," he says.

Although writing the book was challenging, it also helped the actor come to terms with his struggle. "It's scary, because you relive the experience while writing it for the book. But it's also therapeutic. Plus my idea behind writing the book was very clear. I wanted to help and give hope to all cancer patients and their families. When the cause is so noble, it gets easier," says Emraan.