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Emraan, Mahesh bury the hatchet..

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New Delhi, Aug. 25 -- Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and his nephew, actor Emraan Hashmi (right) recently had a war of words on a social networking site. However, it seems the two are ready to forget the fight. Hashmi is organising a screening of his upcoming film for his uncle.

The cold war started when the director of a movie - produced by the Bhatts - wanted a couple of dates from Hashmi to complete his project. However, he opted to promote a movie directed by Kunal Deshmukh instead. As a result, Bhatt took to Twitter, and ranted out his displeasure.

"Charity begins at home. Emraan Hashmi can't 'steal' from Peter & gift it to Paul. He can't cancel MR X's shooting & do PR for Raja Natwarlal! (sic)," Bhatt had tweeted on August 14. To this, Hashmi retaliated, "Bhattsaab agli baar pls pick the phone and abuse me. Twitter ke wajah se tamaasha ban gaya hai (sic)."

But the 35-year-old has now taken the first step towards mending the relationship. He confirms the news, saying, "Yes, I'm hosting a screening of my film for the Bhatts. It'll be great to have their feedback before it releases."