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Emraan loves Delhi food!

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New Delhi, Aug. 14 -- Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi, although a Mumbaikar, loves Delhi too. When we asked him to justify his love for the Capital, the 35-year-old actor was prompt to say, "The city has a lively vibe. And, there is no competition when it comes to Delhi food - be it the butter chicken or the kebabbs."

When asked what he loves to gorge on when in the city, he told us he makes sure he has enough of all good things Delhi has to offer.

The Murder actor also told us that he has more reasons to love the Capital than just food.

"I have a few relatives and friends in the city and I used to come here often as a kid, too," he says. In fact, he fondly remembers a time when he was shooting in the lanes of Old Delhi and his vanity van got stuck, "The residents there invited me to their homes and even offered a lot of delicious home-made food!"