Flattered that Salman Khan says I'm like Kat: Elli Avram

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Actor Elli Avram’s debut Bollywood film Mickey Virus (2013) may not have garnered much attention, but the Swedish-Greek beauty has scored brownie points with actor Salman Khan, who has been comparing her to his rumoured ex-girlfriend and A-list Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif.

The 23-year-old was a contestant on reality show Bigg Boss, that Khan is hosting. Elli, however, has just been evicted from the show. “Being compared to Katrina, who is a superstar in Bollywood, was so very flattering,” says Avram, adding, “I really look up to Katrina, she is so hard-working and has made such a big name for herself here and it’d be a big thing for me if I can cover half her journey.”

Ask her how she feels about all the attention she got from Salman while on the show, and she breaks into instant praise, “I never expected that kind of attention from Salman as I didn’t even know him before this show. Yet, he was so understanding and supportive of me. I mean I had heard of ‘superstar’ Salman Khan...but now I really know what a wonderful person he is,” she says, adding that she hopes to act with him, some day. And who among her friends from the show will she miss? “Andy, Tanisha, Armaan...but most of all Sangramji, because he always stood by me,” she says.