Elli Avram's treatment for trolls: Just a shrug or quite a caustic reply..

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New Delhi, April 9 -- For celebrities, getting trolled on social media seems to have become a part and parcel of their life. 


While some give a hard-hitting reply to the nasty comments, others choose to ignore trolls and move on instead of getting embroiled in an ugly spat. 


Swedish-Greek actor Elli AvrRam has taken that detached approach. Currently in the news for her rumoured relationship with cricketer Hardik Pandya, Elli admits that she has often been subjected to "bad comments" on her social media posts. 


"But I never react to what trolls have to say on my pictures or videos on Instagram. If someone tries to sound mean, I just block them and that's about it. There's no point responding to them, as these are small-minded people who have got nothing better to do in life, so they post such things." 


Not the one who'd let others dictate her life, Elli adds, "A person on social media can't tell me who I am or what I'm supposed to do. If ever I've replied to someone, it would've been very sarcastic, with a smiley (emoji), maybe. And later, it only made that person realise their fault and reply to me in an apologetic manner. I remember, a year ago, someone posted a comment and I replied saying, 'Oh, you are having a bad day' and that guy replied saying, 'You are way too mature. I am sorry.' So, you need to know how to tackle them." 


The actor, who is shooting for the Tamil and Kannada remakes of the Bollywood film Queen (2013), shares that somehow, she has never been the person who'd give it back to someone else. 


"And it's not just on social media, but I'm like that in real life, too," says Elli. "I would just look at the person and understand what kind of a person he/she is and then take a decision if I'd want to be in touch with someone with such a mentality. I don't feel that just because someone has been mean to me, I also have to be mean with them. I know who I am and their words don't affect me."