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Elli Avram

Elisabet Avramidou Granlund, better known by the stage name Elli Avram, is a Swedish Greek actress and is now based in Mumbai, India. She appeared in the Hindi film Mickey Virus and participated in in the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss.

Elli Avram was born in Sweden. She grew up in Tyresö kommun, Stockholm. Her Greek father, Jannis Avramidis, is a musician who is now settled in Sweden; and her Swede mother, Maria Granlund, is an actress who appeared in Ingmar Bergman’s Oscar-winning film Fanny and Alexander.

Avram attended Frans Schartau High School in Stockholm, from where she graduated in Society-Economics. She took an interest in figure skating, singing and dancing from her initial years. She received training in acting from her mother and aunt who runs a theater in Skåne County, Sweden. Avram felt a connection to India since her childhood. In an interview with the local Stockholm newspaper Mitt i, she said, "Even when I was five, I was fascinated by Indian dance and the colorful clothes." Since her father is a Greek musician, she found some Greek songs are related to Indian melodies. Avram dreamt of being a Bollywood actress since her adolescence. There was a place in Stockholm that used to sell Hindi movies and she would buy Bollywood films from there. Also she used to watch Hindi films on YouTube.

The first Swedish actress to act in Bollywood, Avram has been noted for looks very similar to the actress Katrina Kaif.

In October 2013, colleges in Chandigarh reportedly banned the students from possessing or displaying posters of Avram in the campus and dormitories as the college authorities considered her images inappropriate.