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Elisabet Avramidou Granlund, better known by the stage name Elli Avram, is a Swedish Greek actress and is now based in Mumbai, India. She appeared in the Hindi film Mickey Virus and participated in in the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss.

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Actor Elli Avram, who came in the limelight during her stint in a reality show, says that she is not interested in dating anyone at the moment.

She is just one film old, but the Swedish-Greek actor Elli Avram has already caught India's attention, all thanks to the adulation she drew from Salman Khan. A couple of months ago, Salman even went on to compare Elli with Katrina Kaif, saying that she reminds him of Katrina from five years ago.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will perform with Swedish-Greek actress Elli Avram Saturday at the grand finale of the popular reality show Bigg Boss - Saath 7.

Actor Elli Avram’s debut Bollywood film Mickey Virus (2013) may not have garnered much attention, but the Swedish-Greek beauty has scored brownie points with actor Salman Khan, who has been comparing her to his rumoured ex-girlfriend and A-list Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif.
It is known that while Elli Avram was part of reality show Bigg Boss, she caught the fancy of the show’s host, Salman Khan. Both, in fact, had even performed the Diwali aarti together in the house.
Salman Khan, who has been promoting Swedish-Greek actress Elli Avram ever since she entered the reality show "Bigg Boss 7" house, says he may consider her for a film.
Swedish actor Elli Avram made an unmemorable Bollywood debut in Mickey Virus (2013), but she is better known for being a contestant on Bigg Boss 7.
Swedish-Greek actor Elli Avram, who gained popularity in India with her stint on the controversial reality show, says she will watch the new season of the show only for its host and friend Salman Khan.
Elli Avram and Salman Khan's camaraderie on a reality show, which was hosted by the latter and was aired last year, is known to all. She may not have won the show, but a year later, the Swedish-Greek actor confirms that she is in talks with him for a project.
Elli Avram is yet to make a mark as a Bollywood actor, but last year, she managed to build quite a fan following, thanks to her stint on the reality show, Bigg Boss (BB).