I'm pampered by Tusshar: Ekta Kapoor

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You’ll never meet siblings who haven’t fought as kids.

Producer Ekta Kapoor and her actor-brother, Tusshar Kapoor, admit they are no different. On the eve of Bhai Dooj (the festival is on November 5), they talk about quarrelling over small things, and the love and respect they now have for each other.

What are your fondest memories of Bhai Dooj?
Ekta Kapoor: My memories are of fighting with Tusshar in the car over which song to play, hitting each other and my mother (Shobha Kapoor) buying a gift for me on his behalf since he didn’t know what to get. It’s only now that he has become sensitive. He’s started calling and asking me what I want.

Tusshar Kapoor: We’d never do anything big, but Ekta always teases me, asking what I’m going to gift her. I only remember fighting with her; we fought even in other people’s houses… Back then, I had no clue what women would like, so mom would help in buying her (Ekta) a gift. Now I know what Ekta will like.

Which one of you is more generous with gifts?
Ekta Kapoor: When I go out of town, I buy something for him. But Tusshar is more generous than me. I’m severely pampered by Tusshar.

Tusshar Kapoor: I keep her gifts pending because I don’t like to buy anything in India. I take the pain to find something appropriate for her. She’s not your typical fashion-conscious girl. But she’s more generous, and has been for years; she’s just being modest now. I’m terrible and get embarrassed when it comes to expressing affection.

Now that we know you guys fought as kids, tell us how the brother-sister relationship has evolved now.
Ekta Kapoor: Tusshar and I have always been friends. We share a bond that people don’t quite understand… we’re not overly mushy. But we have each other’s back. I’ve never seen Tusshar as angry as when someone says something bad about me.

Tusshar Kapoor: We live in the same house, but give each other space. We don’t come in each other’s way, in careers or otherwise. If she needs me in a film, she offers me a role. And if I need advice, I know she’s there for me.