Ekta Kapoor: 'Our country is obsessed with marriage'

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Mumbai, March 3 -- Ekta Kapoor, producer Television and film producer Ekta Kapoor is 38 and single. As a result, she's often asked about her relationship status. On most days, she handles these questions with aplomb, by joking about them or brushing them off. But there have also been times when she has simply clammed shut.    

In this interview, the very single Ekta, who recently produced a film about the after-effects of marriage, talks about the virtues one needs to sustain it. The biggest side effect is that it makes people highly impatient. And I think it is due to my lack of patience that I'm not married. You have to work on patience and pretence if you want a happy marriage. They becomes your biggest virtues. Yes, it is. I want to ask these people, 'Are you my mother or father to ask me that?' Our country is obsessed with marriage. It is a problem. I think it's the women who change. They naturally transcend into the roles of wives and mothers. Boys remain boys, who just want to have a good time. They want to forget responsibilities. The true colours and the character of a man become evident post-marriage. I don't think women should change much after marriage, even though I know that a lot is expected of them. For men, there's a lot of resistance internally to come into a situation where they have to become more responsible. But somewhere, I think men adapt a little later. Me and Vidya? Never. There's no issue. Humein nazar lag gayi hai (we've been jinxed), I think (laughs). Vidya is one of the few actors who I will always work with, irrespective of whether our films do well or not. Even after we stop working, we will remain in touch. We have a lot of professional respect for each other and that is so strong that I will always be there for her and work with her.