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Bollywood Celebs: Looking for luck!

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Mumbai, April 21 -- We all need a bit of luck in our everyday lives, and the television industry is no different. Superstitions, rituals or rules - call it what you will - these routines are followed by a number of TV actors and producers.    

Perhaps, Ekta Kapoor is the poster child of this brigade. You can hardly miss the clips of Lord Ganesha and the shlokas that follow, whenever she launches a new show. The first episode of her latest offering, Kumkum Bhagya, had Lord Venkatesh and Goddess Durga, among other deities. Her obsession with the letter K and the weird spellings of her TV show titles are the stuff of legend. At times, Ekta has even moved her show's launch to a more auspicious date, even if it meant starting it in the middle of the week.    

And she isn't the only one following these beliefs. There are many actors who go to Shirdi to seek blessings once they land a job. During Nach Baliye, the makers would shoot the daily puja done on the sets, but never aired it.    

The Barjatyas, known for their soaps that showcase family values and Indian traditions, don't allow any non-vegetarian food on the sets (you can eat some in your make-up room, though).    Even the cakes brought to the sets are eggless. The makers of Nandini, too, stick to the 'only veg food' rule on the set.    

Rajan Shahi, producer of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, unfailingly takes the unit to the Siddhivinayak temple just before the telecast of his new shows. Mahadev's producer Nikhil Sinha goes to Mumbra Devi temple. For good luck, this one actor kisses all the cameras every day when he enters the set.    

An actress wears her mom's ring no matter what character she plays, while yet another leading lady ensures that no shoe is piled on another on the sets. She even places them in order if they are lying around.    

And, of course, changing the spelling of one's name is as common as tears in a saas-bahu soap.    

While some people might mock these practices, others look at them as a mark of respect towards their work.    Those who work in television have tough lives, so if they feel that a bit of luck helps them get through life with more ease, what's the harm?