Bollywood buzz: Ekta Kapoor, Imran Khan rift out in open?

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Buzz is that producer Ekta Kapoor and actor Imran Khan have been having differences ever since the actor was promoting Ekta’s latest film, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara. Apparently, Khan did not agree with some of Kapoor’s promotional strategies.

And now, we hear that the rift has widened so much that Imran has been replaced by Shahid Kapoor in Ekta’s next production, Milan Talkies, which is being directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia.

Ask Ekta about the fallout and the consequent replacement, and she says, “People have different opinions, and they don’t always need to agree with each other. Milan Talkies needs a certain amount of aggression and push. I’m not commenting on any actor; I find it embarrassing to discuss that.”

Reacting to this, Imran says, “I feel that talking about this won’t help. Besides, there’s no point speaking about what has happened in the past. Out of respect for Jeetuji, I won’t say anything about this.”