Divyanka Tripathi: Recognitions don't satiate me..

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Mumbai, Jan. 15 -- Actor Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya was recently featured in the Forbes 100 list of popular personalities with the highest earnings in India. 
The actor says such honours motivate her to work harder. "I feel humbled, but such recognitions do not satiate me. Rather, they motivate and push me to work harder," says Divyanka adding, "I didn't feel any difference. It felt just like any other day until my husband [actor Vivek Dahiya] discovered this article and took me out for dinner."
Along with her family, Divyanka adds that her fans are over the moon about the honour. "Fans are the most loving beings on Earth. They celebrate my birthday for a month, and they consider something like this worthy of being celebrated for a year," says the actor.
However, the actor opines that though the recognition might be a huge thing, many people in India aren't aware about it. "In India, people are less aware. Something as big as Forbes is known to only a certain lot. Hence, not many people respond to such accomplishments with much vigour," she adds.