Diana Penty: You have to prove your talent

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A successful debut with the 2012 film Cocktail, followed by a three year hiatus and then back with Happy Bhag Jayegi in 2016, actor Diana Penty is well aware of the fact that she took a risk by being missing from the scene for such a long time. However, she doesn’t regret anything.
“I have my ways of going about things. A lot of people asked me why I took so long to sign my second film. I feel there’s a certain conventional method of going about things and somehow, I don’t follow the conventional. This is my path, my journey and that’s how I choose to grow,” says Diana, who was seen in Lucknow Central this year.
Despite being away for a long time, asked if she ever wondered how she didn’t lose out on work, and the actor muses, “I haven’t thought about it in the way that how I managed to bag such good roles. But I agree that you have to prove your talent, and only then, filmmakers get up, take notice and decide your fate on whether you can act. This automatically helps you get more work.”
The 32-year-old is quick to add that she still feels grateful for her debut film played a big role in letting people remember her. “Cocktail was a great opportunity for a first-time actor; the perfect debut for anybody. I was lucky enough to have it and that kept me going for a while. Because of that, a lot of people — who would have forgotten me now for being out of sight and out of mind — remember me. And there were certain amount of people that were still keen on knowing what happened and what I did next.”
The actor states that she always had “realistic expectations” from her career and that she never took success for granted. “I know it did take me a while in the beginning, but now, I have got the momentum and I don’t want that to stop. I’ve made a certain conscious effort to play different roles and do different genre of films because that’s the way it’s challenging and keeps things exciting for me,” says Diana.
Presently, with two films in pipeline — Parmanu and Happy Bhag Jayegi Returns — Diana is content that she is getting to portray different characters onscreen. “What’s the point of doing the same thing over and over again? You can only play a certain character once and of course, there’ll be many more opportunities to play similar roles, but no two characters can ever be the same, just like no two stories can be the same. So, I want to experiment and push myself in whatever the limited time I have,” she adds.