Dia Mirza says she is disappointed..

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Mumbai, Feb. 2 -- This awards season, National Award winning actor Vidya Balan's name did not appear on any list when the nominations were announced. Dia Mirza, who produced Vidya's last release, Bobby Jasoos, was taken aback by this, and she even made her disappointment clear on Twitter.

But Vidya remained unaffected. A few days back, we even reported Vidya's reaction to Dia's tweet; the actor said, "I've no regrets about not being nominated." However, Dia isn't taking the nomination snub lightly.

"I am disappointed that Vidya's name has not featured on the nomination lists in any of the awards functions so far. Almost every review that was written about the film had mentioned how brilliant and convincing she was. After all the respect she garnered for her performance, no nominations has really surprised me," says Dia.

Had she not been the producer of the film, would she still have raised the same concern? "I would most definitely have still raised the question. I am disappointed not just as a producer, but also as Vidya's fan and as a fan of films," says Dia, who goes on to even point fingers at the credibility of awards shows. "I will be naive if I say that there is no lobbying involved [in the awards shows]. I am pretty certain there is. I am also certain that there is a certain kind of favouritism involved and it is very apparent for all," she adds.