Work top priority for Deepika Padukone!

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  1. INR 44.65 Cr.
  2. INR 4.00 Cr.
  3. INR 40.00 Cr.
  4. INR 24.63 Cr.
  5. INR 3.72 Cr.



New Delhi, March 4 -- While Deepika Padukone made sure to take out time to attend her friend's wedding in Delhi, the actor also took it upon herself to ensure that her shoots were not disrupted due to this break.

The Cocktail actor informed the makers of her upcoming films well in advance about the dates and ensured that there were no loose ends when she left the shoot for the celebrations. "Deepika made it a point to lock her days way in advance to ensure she can attend the wedding," says a source.

Meanwhile, the actor is busy with her three upcoming films, which will be shot this year and is happy to get back to work. "Deepika has a very hectic year ahead and was very eager to get back to work. She is busy juggling shoots, narrations and prepping for her films. It was also decided that she would be travelling to Jaipur to continue shooting for her film with Ranveer Singh," adds the source.