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Medical studies for Deepika!

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Mumbai, April 7 -- Of late, lots of actors have undergone physical transformations for their characters in upcoming films. Deepika Padukone's case is a bit different - she turned student to prepare for her role in her next, titled Piku.

Deepika plays the daughter of an old man - played by Amitabh Bachchan - who suffers from constipation, fluctuating blood pressure, and other small illnesses. He is a recluse, and doesn't interact with too many people. Deepika's character is shown to be the one who measures his blood pressure, and is aware of how to take care of him when he falls ill. A source close to Deepika adds, "In order to learn how to enact these scenes properly, she began reading medical books to learn about these ailments and their treatments."

By the end of the shoot, Deepika had become adept at checking Bachchan's blood pressure. "Everyone would jokingly go up to her and ask her to check their blood pressure," adds the source.

When contacted, Deepika confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I read a lot of books and spent hours going through information about various medical issues, and their symptoms, solutions, etc. I now know the basic details about blood pressure, constipation, etc."