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Fans name kids after Deepika!

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New Delhi, June 19 -- Actor Deepika Padukone has received rave reviews for her performance in director Shoojit Sircar's Piku.

Apparently, her character has been liked by her fans so much that several of them have named their daughters, Piku.

"Deepika knew that her performance has been liked by the audience, but it came as a surprise to her when a few fans told her that they have started calling their daughters by her character's name. So, while one Anuraag Chaturvedi wrote to her, saying that he has, in fact, 'renamed his younger daughter Piku', another man, Deepak Katoch, says that whenever he gets married, he will name his daughter after Deepika's character in the film," says an insider.

When contacted, Deepika confirmed the development, saying, "When Shoojit told me that people are naming their children Piku, I didn't believe him initially, until I met some people recently, who told me the same thing. It is really heartening that my character has touched so many lives. I am truly humbled."

Deepika, who plays a Bengali girl in the film, has been portrayed as someone who handles home and work with equal elan.