Deepika's loving it in Delhi!

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New Delhi, Nov. 27 -- Shooting in an out-station location does not mean only work for Deepika Padukone. The Mumbai-based actor makes sure to take out time to explore the place and try out the food there. The 28-year-old is currently shooting in Delhi for her upcoming film, and has made sure to travel in her free time.

"Deepika enjoys her time when shooting out of station. She's loving her stay in Delhi, too. By now, she has a fair understanding of the city and has also been going out to explore as and when possible," says a source close to the actor, adding, "Deepika has been trying out food and she is a big fan of the chaat you get in Delhi. She has been asking the unit for recommendations."

Delhi also holds a special place in the actor's heart and she often credits the Capital city for her success. "Deepika has shot in Delhi for so many of her films, like Love Aaj Kal (2009) and Cocktail (2012), and she feels that somehow the place is lucky for her. Both the films did very well at the box office, and won her appreciation and accolades," says the source.

Not only does the Capital city hold a special place in Deepika's heart, but the actor also feels a sense of nostalgia when she comes here. "Every time Deepika comes to Delhi, she gets nostalgic and starts talking about the time she has spent in the city. She cherishes those memories," adds the source.