Deepika wants more smiles around her!

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Mumbai, Sept. 7 -- In the mid-2000s, she became a recognisable face after being featured in a toothpaste advertisement. It was Deepika Padukone's million-watt smile that made her stand out.
Now, more than a decade later, she wants more smiles "around her". "Deepika has taken up what she calls 'an important responsibility'. She wants to make sure that people smile more often," says an insider.
She spends most of her time with her team members. "Deepika's average working day, which includes film shoots and work related to her brand endorsements, goes up to nine to 10 hours," says the insider.
The source adds, "In order to make the atmosphere at work more positive and cheerful throughout the day, Deepika has asked her team members to make a conscious effort to smile more often. She wants them to make it a habit."
The actor doesn't want her team to follow her advise only when she is around. She wants them to do it for themselves. "Deepika, who hails from Bangalore, considers her team her extended family. That's why she wants to bring about this change," says the insider.
When contacted, Deepika says, "Smiles are magical. We don't even realise what a positive effect they have on us, and also on the people around us. Life often gets stressful, and it's important to try and smile even during those times."