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Deepika: I believe there's a little bit of Piku in all of us

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  5. INR 159.45 Cr.


By Tulsi, News Network

The much, much, much awaited Deepika-Irrfan-Amitabh starrer is a beautiful story about Deepika’s character called Piku, a woman who multi-tasks her whole life. Pretty much like any woman’s life!

Deepika Padukone has some really interesting things to share about the film: "As a character and a film, it's extremely relatable not just to an Indian audience, but globally as well. 'Piku' is a beautiful, quirky take on a father-daughter relationship and tells the tale of how we begin taking care of our parents as they get older. The film is titled 'Piku' because it focuses on her life and follows her journey -- trying to multi-task at work, family and her social life. I believe there's a little bit of Piku in all of us.”

She had a great time working with two wonderful actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan, and that is shown by the chemistry they all share in the trailer! Says Dippy: “Amit ji and I have worked before as well but I enjoyed working with him this time a lot more. I really value the experience. Irrfan is (also) an amazing talent, and I feel very fortunate to work with both of them."

All that’s great, but you got to hear what Irrfan thinks about his much younger co-star! And you’ll definitely agree!

"I think Deepika is eager to play different characters and she wants to explore herself as an actress...that's very interesting. She is number one in this industry and she can keep on doing these glamorous roles and can secure her space in the industry, but she is experimenting."

How true! And one of the best experiments she has done with this film is the super-interesting chemistry that she shares with Irrfan!