Gulshan Grover: Deepa Mehta is a tough director..

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New Delhi, July 30 -- Actor Gulshan Grover is looking to take his 'bad man' image from Indian cinema to the West as well.

Quite fittingly, the 59-year-old will be playing a Sikh Mafia boss in Canada, for the upcoming English film Beeba Boys, directed by Oscar-nominated director Deepa Mehta.

Speaking about his experience of shooting with Deepa, Grover says, "Deepa (Mehta) is not only my favourite director, but a really good friend too," he says, adding, "She is a tough director and inspires you to give your best. I love that."

Grover also revealed that Mehta was a hands-on director and worked with actors even when they were not shooting.

"To get her actors to perform well, she provides them with everything that would help. Like, she made sure that the actors, who play my wife and daughter, and I must spend time together, like dine together, to get that familiarity you have in a family. All I did was listen to Deepa 100%. If I am good, it is because of her," he says.