Boman Irani: I have to keep working..

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Actor Boman Irani has a big family in Mumbai, and as much as he loves spending time with them, the 57-year-old actor gets “nervous” when he spends too much time at home. 
“I am so used to working hard that I cannot sit idle for days [in a row]. I get nervous at home if I am not working or have to stay at home for a long time. I used to think that, after working non-stop, I’ll be able to take a moment or two to savour it all, but I can’t do that,” he says.
“I have to keep working. Besides that, if I was home all the time, they’d throw me out of the house and ask me to work,” laughs Boman.
However, no matter how busy he is, the actor loves his family, and makes it a point to be with them during special occasions. 
“We will soon be celebrating my mother’s 90th birthday, and the 16 of us — the entire family will be celebrating it in a big way. These days, I make sure that even if I am working, if its someone’s birthday in the family, then I stay home. That is very important for me,” he adds.
In a previous interview, Boman had told us that he is open to “all kinds of film”. It’s no surprise, that the Munna Bhai (2003) actor is also open to the idea of working in the West, but will only take up a Hollywood project if his role is meaningful enough. 
“I am a big fan of Hollywood, and the kind of films they make. I have received many offers from there, but they have been so small, that there’s no point doing them. I would love to be a part of a Hollywood project, but the role has to be meaningful,” he signs off.