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Karan turns Bipasha Basu's gym trainer..

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Mumbai, Jan. 5 -- Actor and fitness enthusiast Bipasha Basu seems to have found a gym trainer in her co-star Karan Singh Grover, who is equally particular about working out. The two have even been exchanging notes on their regimens regularly. Now, the latest news is that Karan has even been training Bipasha in some exercise techniques that he personally relies on.

"I have seen Karan doing some callisthenic exercises (workouts that don't necessarily involve the use of equipment) and they are very demanding. It's a tough routine, so Karan trained me. He taught me how to hang upside down," says Bipasha, who has almost "mastered" some of these techniques now. She adds, "It (hanging upside down) is a very beneficial position (sic). It helps build your immunity."

Bipasha, who, in the past, has even released professional workout DVDs, says she makes it a point to stay updated about exercise techniques. "With every passing year, we grow older. And especially with the lifestyles we lead, we are very prone to lifestyle diseases. I already have osteoarthritis. So, if you can do something new, it feels like an accomplishment... you feel a little stronger," says Bipasha.