"I don't want to keep an equation with him" - Bipasha on Sajid Khan

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Wow! Have a look at this bold statement that Bips has just made on Humshakals director Sajid Khan!

“I don’t have any equation with him (Sajid Khan). I don’t want to keep an equation with him. Why should I? I have my life. I’m done with Humshakals. I don’t know about everyone… I still did my part and finished shooting for it. (Pauses) You know, he (Sajid Khan) told me on my face that my problem was that I’m a real actor and I couldn’t be great until I started hamming.”

Yes, the film really was bad, but this is quite shocking, even for Bipasha!

Well, Bipasha did disassociate herself from the film Humshakals just before its release. In fact, the film’s producer Vashu Bhagnani had even told that he will never work with the Bong beauty again!