Bipasha talks about Khans and comedy..

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By Tulsi, News Network

Did it ever strike you that despite being in the industry since 15 years, sexy bong Bips has not even done a single film with the Khans? She debuted in 2001 with Ajnabee, and since then she has done quite some experimental roles. We aren’t too sure of her acting, but she was definitely appreciated for her sultry looks!

Says Ms. Basu: "There are so many actresses who have done films with Khans and then disappeared. So what's the point of such big films? The year I debuted (with 'Ajnabee' in 2001), 'Lagaan' released with Gracy Singh in lead. It was one of the iconic films...but I am still here,"

Wow! The actress has a point. New, cute, sexy, hot and beautiful actresses have come and gone. But Bipasha is here since a long time now, and still fetching for herself without any support.

After trying a lot of sex horrors, thrillers, and some romantic flicks, she is now interested in trying out comedy. One good thing about that is that this means we are finally done with movies like 3D Creature and Alone. "I want to do a good comedy, not a slapstick comedy. People have not seen my funny side yet. I would like to do that," she explains.

Well, we do remember Bipasha in one comedy film, No Entry, which was an absolute laughter riot! Let’s hope the comedy segment works for Bips and that she can finally have a good comeback that she is trying since a few last movies.