Bipasha: Personal & professional life are equal on my priority list

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Mumbai, Feb. 20 -- "My personal and professional life both are equal on my priority list," says Bipasha Basu Singh Grover about her area of focus at this stage in life. 
The actor adds that she is now making up for all the lost time that she couldn't spend with her family earlier. "I am really enjoying my time now. I made a beautiful partnership with my husband (Karan Singh Grover) from the time I've gotten married. But I'll always maintain a balance between my personal life and professional life," she says.
The actor has now signed her next project, a commercial entertainer. "I'm excited to be part of the film, and it's a new role. I'll be announcing it soon," says Bipasha. However, the actor is not that content with the quality of roles she is being approached for. 
"I am not really happy with the offers coming my way because I'd like to take up meaningful roles rather than just looking pretty in movies. It doesn't mean that I am saying no to commercial cinema. Even with the commercial genre, it should be a well-etched role," she says, adding, "It's been long; I'm trying to figure out what I want to do next. And it's really sad that whenever there is a heroine-centric film, the budgets don't fall into place. And basis on that, a couple of my projects didn't see the light of day."
Bipasha was a model before foraying into the film industry. The actor has been a supermodel and walked the ramp for many renowned designer labels. 
Ask her if the supermodel era seems to have gone considering B-Town stars have thronged the ramp as showstoppers for many labels, and she says, "The fashion industry has definitely grown by leaps and bounds in terms of designers and fashion labels. And yes, I think the era of supermodels is gone now. There are a lot of great models, who are fit and graceful on the ramp, but they are very few who I know by their names. Bollywood has taken that place, and you see actors as the showstoppers for many designers. This connect between Bollywood and fashion has grown also because designers are making outfits for films too."
She adds that she has enjoyed her modelling days. "I was so young when I became a model. I didn't have to depend on anyone. I made my own money, and travelled the world. I made many friends from the modelling fraternity. They have been tremendously amazing days," Bipasha reminisces.