Bipasha cakes up!

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Mumbai, Aug. 21 -- Bipasha Basu, who is currently shooting for her upcoming film Creature 3D, had decided to wear minimal make-up to fulfil the demand of her character. But the actor had to alter her strategy by opting for more use of cosmetics when the film was nearing its completion.

A source close to Bipasha says, "She hadn't used a lot of cosmetics throughout the schedule of the film. But, while she was doing a chase sequence in the jungles of Ooty at night, she missed a step and had a bad fall. She got bruises on her face."

Since the marks were visible and the film was nearing completion, the actor had to resort to layers of make-up. "There were just four days left for the shooting schedule to conclude. So, Bipasha had to wear a lot of make-up to hide the bruises," says the source.

When contacted, Bipasha confirms the news, saying, "Shooting for stunt and action scenes is quite fun. But, unfortunately, I tripped and got a few scratches on my cheek. So, I had to use much more [quantity of cosmetics] than normal to conceal them. It was funny that I was wearing make-up to camouflage the bruises on one hand, and was using it to create some scars on my forehead [for the role] on the other," says Bipasha.