Bipasha Basu approached to write a fitness blog

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While being good at acting may take you a long way in Bollywood, celebrities also have to stay fit to look good. Actors such as John Abraham, Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty have always been big advocates of exercise and fitness. Bipasha Basu, too, is a part of this club.

Since 2010, the actor has released three DVDs that feature weight loss and fitness routines. A source reveals that the actor is now preparing to work on yet another fitness initiative.

“Bipasha has always been passionate about fitness and continues to be. She has spruced up her diet and workout routine and the results are visible. Due to this, a prominent fashion and lifestyle website has approached her to blog for them as a guest.”

The source adds that a lot of fans are reaching out to Bipasha on her social media accounts asking her to share her fitness routine and plan. “Bipasha is active on Twitter and Instagram. Many fans keep sending her messages asking her to share her diet plan in detail. As a result, the website has asked her to blog about her routine and plans, answer fans’ questions and share fitness tips on their platform. They have also asked her to link the blog to her social media accounts to increase its reach,” the source says.

Bipasha could not be reached for a comment.