Bhumi: I come from a family where we were given freedom

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New Delhi, Sept. 14 -- People are quick to presume things about celebrities, and this irks Bhumi Pednekar. She has done three films in Bollywood, and people have already begun typecasting her as a non-glam, content-driven actor who would've struggled a lot. But that's not true, says Bhumi.
Basking in the glory of two back-to-back successes, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, and Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, Bhumi - who debuted with Dum Laga Ke Haisha in 2015 - says, "In Bollywood, the sad notion is that if you do content-driven cinema, people think aap koi jhola latka ke jaane wali ladki ho (that you are a simple, serious girl). It's unfortunate how people assume so much about your life based on the work you do. Somehow, they've assumed that I come from a family where I was made to struggle a lot."
Here's the reality Bhumi wants you to know: "I'm an independent girl. I come from a family where we were given freedom. We were allowed to shine and got exposure to the world since we have travelled a lot. I've seen everything at a very young age... I am a strong opinionated person, who really belongs to this modern day and age."
As for her de-glam image, thanks to her onscreen characters, the 28-year-old says that most people still don't know her real side, off the camera. Calling herself a "hardcore typical Mumbai girl", Bhumi - who had put on 27 kgs for her debut film - adds, "I believe in the power of vanity. I literally take two hours to get ready, I love makeup! I'm a shopaholic and love brands. Maybe that's why people often get surprised when they see me off screen because they have this set notion in their mind that I'm like my on-screen characters."
Giving a peak into her personal life, the actor says she is someone who loves travelling, and makes time for her gang of girls. "I make sure I travel with my girlfriends at least twice a year because that's the time I rejuvenate and disconnect from myself. I travel with my family very often," she concludes.