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Bappi Lahiri or Alokesh Lahiri (born 27 November 1952) is a music director in the Indian film industry. He popularized the use of synthesized disco music in Indian cinema and sang some of his own compositions.

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Bappi Lahiri has composed a jingle to welcome legendary boxer Mike Tyson to India. The celebrated music director says it is a perfect Bollywood way to greet the boxing legend.

Singermusic director Bappi Lahiri, Bollywood actor Prashant Narayanan and TV actor Gaurav Chopra joined the BJP in the presence of party chief Rajnath Singh.
In the era of remix and revamp, Bollywood musicians of bygone time hardly appreciate the remake of hit numbers.

Kishore Kumar ek hi the. Woh aaye aur chale gaye. Kishore Kumar kabhi dobaara nahi aayenge.. says Bappi Lahiri.

Bappi Lahiri is happy that his directorial venture, a short film called Slum Stars (2015), has garnered appreciation from top political leaders.
As veteran music composer Bappi Lahiri prepares himself to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the San Francisco Global Movie Fest, he, over a phone conversation from Los Angeles, USA, talks to us about his glorious run of over four decades in Bollywood.
With the general elections just around the corner, politics seems to be the flavour of the season, even film stars. From Mithun Chakraborty to Bappi Lahiri and Moon Moon Sen, actors are jumping in the poll fray.
With the 2014 Lok Sabha elections just around the corner, politics seems to be the flavour of the season for celebrities from Bollywood and the sports fraternity.
Thanks to the star-spangled nominations by top political parties, West Bengal is set to witness a Bollywood extravaganza during election campaign.

Known for always sporting flashy gold chains, veteran Bollywood musician Bappi Lahiri's wife owns more jewellery than hubby and he owns moveable and immoveable assets worth nearly Rs. 12 crores besides five cars including BMW and Audi.